I want to learn how to sing, as I'm probably am one of the worst singers ever. I want to take singing lessons but the thing is that I'm very, for the lack of a better word, self-critical. Just to give you an idea, I almost never play guitar plugged in because I'm afraid I won't sound good. That's about the best I can explain it. So even with singing lessons I'd probably won't practice that much, just because of the thought someone might hear me. I don't know. Hopefully you have an idea on what I'm trying to say. Any advice? Thanks.
just sing everyday to songs you know. eventually you'll develop your ear and you'll be able to hit certain pitches. practice, practice, practice, dude. singing lessons should help greatly as well.
Why the hell are you playing guitar if you don't want to hear yourself or, I will assume, don't want anybody to hear you?? Music is art for the ear, you can't appreciate it if you can't hear it. The only advice that I can give is.. Uh........

Plug your guitar in and practice, KNOWING that you will get better. If you don't sound good as soon as you plug in, know that it's normal and tell yourself that you'll sound great soon enough. Same for your singing, no?
I'm kinda the same way, not liking people hearing me when I practice singing. But singing lessons should help you quite a bit and you just need to get over being worried about how you sound.
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