Looking for a new OD pedal, have a budget of $200, looking for recommendations.

I mainly play blues, metal and alternative, my main guitar is an RR24 w/ an EMG-81, and I also have a Schecter Gryphon which i'm going to upgrade with Duncan SH-2 jazz model and SH-4 pickups. My main amp is a Marshall DSL401.
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OCD all the way

like literally its crazy good

for everything

not kidding


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I love my OCD so much, it's amazing.
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Well i don't have much OD experience but my Keeley Mod Plus TS9 is awesome to say the least, for just about anything.

Unless you want something transparent though, if you want that you might want to look elsewhere.
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my favs.
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Fulltone OCD

That's pretty much my list.

Or you can go look on proguitarshop.com

I could spend hours looking at all the demos.

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I'll toss in the MI Audio Tube Zone.

It's generally used as a high gain pedal, but it's an OD and is really versatile. Probably not what you're looking for, though, but check it out if you like a lot of options. It is right at your limit at $199.00. But I feel mine was worth it. You can find demos of it on youtube pretty easily.
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OCD and TS-9. For sure. I prefer the TS-9 stacked on top of amp OD and the OCD alone on a clean setting. If you can go used, stuff like the fulltone fulldrive are really good too.
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Xotic BB Preamp. It's kind of like a tubescreamer, but it doesnt suck the balls out of your tone...and IMHO it sounds better.... I honestly have not heard a better OD than the one I just bought. It is amazing and comes highly recommended by not only me, but a ton of others on the forum. Ask Erock and he will tell you all about it
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I'm thinking about the Xotic AC Booster, it looks great and I'm really looking for something that's low gain...

The Ac is probably your best bet then, as the BB has a TON of gain....
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
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Fulltone OCD. With the LP/HP switch set to HP you get a wicked kinda Marshall crunch and with it set to LP you get very transparent sounding overdrive that adds lots of dynamics to the sound of your guitar.
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also look at the keeley modded DS-1 pedals. I own an OCD myself, but if I were going to choose something else I would go with the modded DS-1