Yup, Once again i've aquired a new guitar!

This time i have bought a PRS 513 in Emerald green and a 10 top Flamed Maple Cap. She Sounds and Plays amazing, Especially thorough my soldano!

More Photos to follow when i find my camera.
I want a better look at those inlays, but the finish is great.
Breaking stereotypes by playing indie on a metal guitar.

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Cheers, i'll sort some photos of the inlays also when i've found my camera, and when its daylight!

Akercocke are superb, absolutely destroy the gigs i've seen them at.
emerald green is my favorite color on a PRS. Absolutely beautiful.
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sorry it took a while but here's some more photos, Its been a week since i got her, i've had a proper chance to play her, She is absolutely amazing and i really cant believe how good she plays!

Nice man. Beautiful.
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There usually isn't a lot of guitars on these NGD threads I like. Too much metal oriented stuff for my liking. That is a sweet looking guitar that will always be classy. Congrats.
Nice cat mate

I think these good people deserve to see a complete family shot, as frankly, it's unbelievable the gear you've got. Are you still living London way? I'd like to sort out a jam one weekend. It's been far too long in the making haha.
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Wow, nice guitar I bet your pleased with it - mind me asking how much it cost? I saw a similar colour PRS in GAK, Brighton a while back but I believe it was a private stock model (£5000).