so...the story behind this song is, i wrote the chorus and a few other lines and i had my best friends all give me lines about how the world made them tired or hurt etc. etc., then i just peiced em together. so i hope you like it

I'm burnt out
From years of not being myself
All this time watching others from up on this lonely shelf
I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing someone else

I'll force a smile and hide the hurt
I know how to act, I know what to say
I've done this before
I know how to hide the pain

It seems that every day,
We're fading away
A little more
Than the day before
But it's beyond our control
We're all steered by a ruthless world
And there's nothing you can do
But help the others that are worn down too

Reaching out with a closed mind
And crying out for the last time, today
I built you up
But you tore me down
I won't be there for you
But I can't help but stick around

And you know it's never fun to be put under the gun
I'm done, I'm done


Regret and worry gathers in my head
I can't forget the hurtful words you said when you left
I never had a chance to say goodbye
I've sworn my dues and given away my life

This world has me too tired to try
why must everything we say be a lie
this time without love seems endless
There's nothing I can do to end this

What's the point anymore
There are too many things to fight for
These struggles are too much
I just want to lose this crutch

[Chorus x2]

an in-depth analysis is greatly welcomed