I just got a drumset, and I was wondering what some easier songs would be just to start off. Some bands I'm into are Alkaline Trio, Placebo, Blink-182, and Anti-Flag. I tried Smells Like Teen Spirit, but I didn't feel like I was ready for the main riff yet (at least playing it correctly, which is what I was going for). Just so you know what I have, so you don't list any songs with something I'm missing, the set has two rack toms, a floor tom, the snare, the bass drum (no double bass), a hi-hat, and a crash cymbal (I realize I really need to get a ride cymbal).
AC/DC, apparently its all the same srum line with small variations in each song... just what i've heard
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def leppard, the guys only one handed. How hard can it be?

But seriously most punk songs are tricky though, I'd go with some 80's rock, like hair metal if your into that stuff and then work your way up to punk.
Yeah, you like blink-182, but don't try any of that yet okay :P

Seven Nation Army sounds piss to me, so that should be okay.
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Welcome to the club, drums are amazing, helped me get a songwriters perspective of the true functionality of how to write music.

Try old school/good hip hop songs: repetitive, will help you learn how to keep time etc.

The Seed 2.0 - The Roots
Rock You- The Roots
Hailies Song- Eminem
Without me- Eminem
Hey Ya- Outkast

or just some basic rock

The Beatles have some easy ones
White Stripes ( seven nation army was one of my first I ever learned)
If you don't mind speed The Offspring, smash in particular, has a real simplistic array of beats, but most of it is really fast so it maters on what levcel of begginer your at!
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When you play the drums, it's called a beat, not a riff. SLTS is actually a moderately complex beat. Excluding metal songs with really long fills, there isn't really anything that a lack of gear will stop you from playing. Just move the ride cymbal parts to another cymbal.

As someone said before, AC/DC songs are very simple and a good way to concentrate on timing and groove.

Lots of 60s rock songs are very easy too. Try some early Beatles.
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seven nation army - the white stripes

This was the first song i learned on the set.
If you get alright you can try some Blink stuff from the Buddha stuff to the Dude Ranch album, since it has Scott the drums are a lot less technical.

Yes, poop.
Die for the Government and Captain Anarcy by Anti-Flag are pretty easy songs.
Most of Sum 41's songs should be easy. Unwritten Law and the Used, too.
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If you get alright you can try some Blink stuff from the Buddha stuff to the Dude Ranch album, since it has Scott the drums are a lot less technical.

i play drums and I find it harder to play songs from when Scott was the drummer. For travis songs just do ridiculous, unnecessary fills all the time. For scott songs you need more stamina and need to be "cleaner".

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Inside the back
Walk with me
Reign, Rain

Call me Drew
Back in Black.

Everybody learns this song first. Basic rock beat.
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Audioslave - Like A Stone

it's the same beat over almost throughout the whole song with the exception of the soft part right after the solo
song 2 by blur
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Try some blues.
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