So I'm really sick of the 'ole floyd getting in the way of my fun and would really like to block it. Aside from the wood block option, what is there? Also by blocking it I can change from whatever tunings I'd like right? Perhaps even from Drop C to Standard? Oh and spending money on a block isn't out of the question as long as it's reasonable.
Awesome! thanks, do you know if it matters if it's a schaller licensed floyd? In terms of the width that block needs to be. Would the tremel-no work as well?
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When it's blocked you can handle your guitar (and your tuning) just as a normal guitar with a normal bridge.

Thats a trem sustain block, not for blocking a trem.
TS, a Tremol-No (sp?) might be what you're looking for. You can lock/unlock it so the trem isnt stuck if you want to use it.
Alright yeah that one sounds the most trustworthy though I don't intend on using that damned ever again haha. Thanks
The thing Reeen posted is not what you want. Its just a replacement block like your trem will already have, the thing that the springs attach to.
^um, because he doesn't want to use it?
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