So i was watching a tutorial stating if you start the C major scale on the 2nd degree you can play D Dorian so i was jamming that and really liked the sound, but i kept wanting to play the 7th degree flat so DEFGABbC

what is that?
d minnor

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It's also F Major.

Close. The notes of D minor and F major are common, but the key of the song will determine which scale you are actually playing.
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If your root note was F it would be an F Major but since it is a D then it is a D Minor. You can always find a major's parallel minor scale by using the 6th note in the scale as the root.
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It's also F Major.

It can't be both.

Saying "Or F Major" would have been correct because we don't know the root so it could either be D (natural) minor starting on the root (admitedly more likely) or F major starting on the 6th.