So anyway, as the title says I need a new amp..
Currently using: A Jackson DK2M
With a Boss DS-1. Which isnt great tbh.

Anywho, christmas is fast approaching and I have been looking at new amps... and looked at tube amps.. been looking at the blackstar ht-5 combo and the blackheart handsome devil combo (what do you guys think of these?) and not really sure what to do.. whether i should delve into the realm of the tube amps or not.. As the title said I really don't know anything about amps... Basically what I want to know is any other alternative amps I should check out while im waiting to try out the two I mentioned (I need options! ) because im clueless haha.

The facts:
Budget: £300 ($500)
Genres: Metal, rock, classic rock, blues (basically a bit of everything)
Uses: At home Practicing

Any helps appreciated
Don't go with the VJ, the HT-5 will be fine but a little more down the line you may want to invest in an OD pedal.
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hmm, Been looking at reviews and demo and such on the blackstar ht-5 and it looks like the best option atm and yeah thats the general impression i got from reviews and such that an OD pedal is a good idea.. Cheers for the input chaps.
Between the two... Handsome Devil and a good OD (Fulltone OCD or Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret).
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