Currently I have a Peavy Vypyr 75 watt modeling amp and an Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

Does the Ibanez Tube King have a better distortion tone than the Vypyr? I was considering buying one but I didn't know if I would notice a dramatic difference in tone.

I play alternative rock, hard rock, and blues (kinda). I'm not really looking for a tone for metal, but I would like a chunky sound when palm muting.
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As a general rule, modelling amps don't take too kindly to pedals. To be honest, the distortion is probably not as good as the amp's anyway (Not from experience, but not often do Pedals give out enough good sounding gain to be used by themselves) so there's no real need for you to buy it. Hopefully if you search around here:


You'll find some settings that can get you the tone you want.
It won't work well.
Generally modelling amps don't like pedals.
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