Hello UG!

I'm looking to purchase a new amp that can handle all the music that I play. My budget is around $2800.

I play everything from Blues (Johnny Winter, ZZ Top), Classic Rock (Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Neil Young), Grunge (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains), Metal (Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin), Progressive Metal (Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree), Gothic Metal (Tiamat, Moonspell) and Doom Metal (Paradise Lost, Agalloch.)

My guitar is a Gibson Dark Fire, and the only effect I currently use is a Barber Electronics Dirty Bomb (although I do intend on getting a Wah.)

I would prefer to purchase a Combo, as moving a Head and Cabinet back and forth from College might be a problem.

I was thinking about the Mesa/Boogie Mark V. I tried the amp out and I liked it, but I am always looking for other options.

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for that kind of budget I think You can do no wrong but to get all those styles in one amp it's difficult. Try to get a good amp with good cleans and a nice overdrive to get the classic rock styles (like AC30 or a Fender Supersonic, depends on british or more american sound) and get a Mesa or an ENGL pre-amp/poweramp to boost the signal for heavier stuff.
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and i would also look at the:
Baron K88(if you play metal the most)
Fractal audio Axe FX + VHT 2/50/20 (if you want a digital amp)
Line 6 Vetta II (digital)
ENGL Savage or Invader
Hughes and Kettner Switch Blade or Core Blade (if you play metal more)
Brunetti XLR-EVO
Randall V2 T2 or the MTS Series
Blackstar Series one
Titan Custom
Peters Hydra or Gryphon
Mesa/Boogie Roadking
Peavey XXX, JSX, 3120
Diamond Spec Op
Rivera KR100 or 7
Fender Bassman + pedals
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Honestly, you have nigh unlimited options at that pricepoint.

In addition to the Mark V, also consider the Mesa Road King. You could probably pull up a used Soldano SLO or a Hughes and Kettner Triamp, or a used Diezel Einstein or VH4.
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The Mark V is great, it'll do anything you need. The Roadking's also something to consider.

But really, with that kind of budget there's very few that are out of your reach, and even then most of those you could pick up if you go used.

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Besides previous suggestions..
Cornford Roadhouse 30
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I'll throw out the Splawn Nitro. $1950 new and used in the $1,500 range.

that would be a very good choice, or like stated in an earlier comment the peavey JSX or even a XXX would be a good choice as well ... they arent quite what you are looking to spend but i am sure they would get the job done