So I'm about to get a pedal for metal, and I have come down to these two: MXR M-116 Fullbore Metal, or EHX Metall Muff.

The only reason why I would think about getting the MXR Fullbore Metal is because it has a noise gate, but is that really important? Will it sound better than the Metal Muff because of the noise gate?
And is the Metal Muff really noisy?
IMHO....the top boost on the Metal Muff is like toe nails on a chalkboard! I picked one up on CL last year for $45. I can get some decent tones out of it with the TB bypassed, but not really what I like. Takes some tweaking though. I have not used the MXR you are asking about. But I think I would try it out or some other pedal over the Metal Muff.
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IMO the metal muff is very nice (if u use the top boost with the treble already high of course ur gonna get ur ears pierced it works very nice with a noise gate. Try the ISP Decimator . One of the best u can get.
I tried the metal muff and it was alright. Unlike these guys I couldn't get a sound I liked without the top boost. Try out a Digitech Hardwire Metal distortion. I just picked one up its great.
The Metal Muff is pretty nice, but it can get noisy. The MXR Fullbore Metal, on the other hand, sounds like shit in my opinion.
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I tried the metal muff and it was alright. Unlike these guys I couldn't get a sound I liked without the top boost. Try out a Digitech Hardwire Metal distortion. I just picked one up its great.

I never said I dont like the top boost but if u combine the top boost with already high treble on the EQ that will sound SHARP but the distortion is amazing....u can do anything from old to new school if u tweak it right
I used the MXR Fullbore Metal with a Vox AC15 and an Ibanez RG at Guitar Center a few weeks ago.

IMO, it sounded exactly like the name says, metal. By that I mean it sounded metallic, very brittle and shrill. It could have been the AC15, because it is a very bright amplifier but I had the tone set to way bassy and the Fullbore Metal to have high bass with medium treble.

I don't recommend the MXR. Just my opinion, and I didn't spend a lot of time with it.
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All you can really do is try them both out. These are fairly common pedals, so Guitar Center should have them available for you to demo. See what you like and don't.

I'm very picky about distortion boxes, especially for heavy/high gain stuff. I tried the Metal Muff and wasn't impressed at all, though I didn't spend much time with it. It just wasn't at all what I wanted- I think most distortion boxes tend to have a very thin, harsh and digital tone to them, and I can't stand that.

Obviously you can't REALLY get tube warmth without a tube amp- but you can get some really nice stuff if you're willing to spend a bit and do some digging- to my mind, if you're gonna blow a lot of money on a stompbox, distortion is the place to do it, since it's so fundamental to your tone.

Anyhow, for high gain, I got an MI Audio Tube Zone. It's an overdrive pedal, but has tons of gain available, is VERY tweakable, and sounds very nice, especially through a decent amp. A lot of people believe it can get you in the ballpark of Mesa Boogie tones, so if that sounds like what you want, definitely check it out. It runs about 200 bucks, but it made me a lot happier than any of the boxes I tried could have. I feel it was worth the investment, no question. You can find some demos on youtube.

Also, what kind of amp are we talking? How's the gain on it? If you have an amp with a decent amount of gain anyway, the best route might be getting a Bad Monkey or pretty much any overdrive box and using it to saturate the gain channel. These can be enough to crank an amp into metal territory. I used one with my Valveking for just that- now I use it more as a traditional TS9 to give blues leads a bit more edge. But for $50 bucks, the Bad Monkey is really tough to beat considering its versatility.

Anyway, hope this helps. Try out the two you're considering, then get back to us, I'd say. Even if it's a hike to the nearest GC, better than being stuck with a box you aren't thrilled about and wondering "what if".