So I finally had enough and was ready to go buy a peavey millenium however I just felt if I wanted a couple days something would pop up. Picked up this bad boy used at a phenomenal price and I am looking forward to practicing then hopefully putting a rig together in a few months. Thanks for all the advice I couldn't be any more happy with it!


Sorry for the quality, lighting was iffy in that room because I'm working on it. Thanks again oh btw it's a Stiletto Extreme. The finish is absolutely gorgeous I am thrilled with it!
That is one sexy bass.

Congratulations, and happy NBD!




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My God, this must be the smartest/greatest guy ever.
HNBD brah

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you sir, have just won for this statement. =D

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whoa!! That's one nice bass you have there!

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Thanks everyone, it was ug bass forum recommended so I was happy when I saw the sellers ad come up haha
HNBD, nothing better then that new bass smell
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Haha I know, now begins the work of buying a case, and my first pack of bass strings (unsure whether to go with flat or roundwound)...oh the stress haha
We have the same bass man.
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How does it feel? I'm looking forward a Stiletto

Feels amazing..hard to compare considering it's my first bass. When I originally tried the stilettos in the store they just felt right. The neck didn't feel paper thin or too bulky, tone sounded great for what I was looking for. I now just have to practice and hopefully soon enough I can put a rig together and work on making some songs of my own. Thanks again