Did a re-write on an old poem that suddenly became relevant to my life again. Here it is:

Go on then
Scream your will at him.
Maybe there'll be a day when you believe in him.
Tired of the piercing highs
And growling lows.
For you he has no ears.

You've left him numb.
You did that.
And for who's sakes?
Sure as hell is hot, not his.
But then perhaps you are the evil
That we shall overcome in a time of hope,
And love that coats this day.
For you see that although his will is broken
His love will keep the rest together.

Rebuild upon foundations scattered in the grass.
For they are all that's left to work on.
Moss shaped memory of you're screaming face.
Mere fungus growing,
Clutching on for your own life.

Dear God, I hope he can forget.
Crashing fists of narcissistic rage,
Poison words uttered in vile circumstance,
Crippling lies engraved upon his mind,

With a sharp tool,
You could end it.
Stop the nights spent in bed,
Waiting for the door to slam shut.
After it all,
We could mend it.
Preserve the life I began and molded
Into my own son.

Dawn broke, you'd gone and we were free.
To breath new air into our dieing lungs.
Refresh the memories of summer day's,
Roll sideways down a towering hill.

Free to move, express and see.
See whatever came before us.
Beauty of a flowering plant,
Intoxicating wild scents.
Musky vanilla attracts me day by day,
To the girl next door.
Who could resist?

He's found love now.
And so have I.
In the whispering eyes of a singer.
In the tilt of a head and a wink to say "I want you".
In the commitment she's made.

Sure, i'll walk you home.
Stand awkwardly at the door,
Trodden hopes left fallen
Along with what little confidence I had.

In soft embrace,
My pains all turn to nothing.
I don't want to hurt you.
So i'll go on with loving,

The hours spent,
With you, laughing at my every joke.
Playing the fool, acting cute.
Wrapping hair around, short-stretching fingers.
Piano, you play
But I can still reach further.
Hands measure the difference in size,
Of fingers I wish were wrapped around your body
To hold you close to my heart.
So you could feel the rate at which it circulates
The hope that I could be in yours.

I even picked a leaf from a tree,
Like you did a bush,
To remember this day by.
Tied a knot in the stem,
Union at the roots.
Oh, how I wished
That day would never end.

Love, the world's greatest showing thriller.
Love, the world's best dressed, cold-hearted killer.

Quote by willT08

Love, the world's greatest showing thriller.
Love, the world's best dressed, cold-hearted killer.

really liked the last 2 lines
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