So yeah. Here's my first new one in a while. As I said, Progressive/Melodic BM, and I'm interested to see what some people make of it.

Yes, there are quite a few weird time signatures, and this might be construed as 'pretentious' but I dont really give a ****. I wrote the riffs, thats how they're supposed to sound, deal with it. It's not like I set out to try to write the most progressive, off the wall piece of Black Metal I could.

Influences for this one are probably Farsot, Arcturus, Kvist, In Lingua Mortua, Mirrorthrone, and Cor Scorpii. But I dont really know. *shrugs*

C4C, as always.

EDIT 1: Added keys.
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I think that, as a whole, it is a very solid piece. The style of black metal is very unique for the genre. I think the style is also some thing that would require an acquired taste, which is not bad to say the least; but some thing to keep in mind. I could complain about the repetitiveness, however with vocals and considering the style of music; that's almost irrelevant. I would personally add some additional ambience, or even some synths to make things more interesting; especially when your repeating riffs multiple times throughout.
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I actually almost did add Keys, but I kind of dont want to. I still might, but I feel like too much would make it just too dense.
I'm kinda in hurry so can't crit alot. Well you should really add keys, it would make song slightly darker. Pretty nice song. Your bassist plays pretty fast.. !
this is sick dude! right up my alley! if i wasn't so busy cramming for music exams I would give it a proper critique lol you really should add keys though it would make it darker. It's still a solid 9 as you have it though. YOu should get this recorded.
Alright, by popular demand, I have added keys. I dont think it makes it darker per se, and they probably arent as effective as they could be, but I'm not really a keyboard/piano player, so. But I do think it makes it more atmospheric/epic and a Drudkh-ian way.

So, yeah. thoughts now?

And also, Nergal and xbit, d'you guys have any pieces you'd like me to crit?
I'm somewhat annoyed that this is black metal. One could safely say I'm ignorant of the genre, but to my ears it's very boring, and while very fast and occasionally quite technical there's not a whole lot of creativity happening. In other words obnoxious.

Thus my annoyance. The rest of the song is rather brilliant. A) make for a fantastic intro. The keys really add a lot to it as well.

B is even strong. Great mix of instruments, great rhythms, great use of melodies, switching to electric guitar near the end of the section was also very powerful.

A-2 again is great, nice way to vary the original theme

Especially liked what you did with E-2

H is probably my favorite part of the song.

Would love to hear what you could come up with if you dropped the black metal aspect and went in a direction that had more flow.

Take all that as you will

You're welcome to crit my latest song if you'd like, but I don't expect it as this wasn't really a real crit.
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Meh, to each his own I suppose. I dont expect many people to be too fond of this style anyway. I'd like to say I could take out the BM, but it's too natural at this point. BM is just my style, it's what I enjoy. **shrugs**

Seems to me a lot of people cant get past the ferocious blast beating of most BM [which GP does no justice], to see the creativity... like all the counterpoint I threw in here [E, D, H to an extent]. Meh, as I said, to each his own.
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