Hey all.

So I have an Ibanez RG, basswood body. Some time ago I went nuts looking up pickups and I ended up putting some DiMarzios in- an Air Norton in the neck, a D-Sonic in the bridge (blade to the bridge), and a True Velvet Middle in the middle, single coil spot.

I've been pretty happy, but the middle pickup just doesn't quite work for me. It strikes me as very different when I use it by itself, and has an almost tele-like twang to it that sticks out like a sore thumb. Not that I dislike it, I just don't think it's what I want in this guitar.

When I was first deciding on the combo, the middle was the toughest one to figure out, and I just went with the TV as it was what most people recommended. At the time I was also considering the Red Velvet, and I am again, now. The Area '67 is also a consideration.

Also, though, I'm liking what I'm reading about the HS-3, and I'm wondering if that might be the answer I'm looking for.

Anyone have experience using one of these in a HSH config? Opinions on how it will blend with the humbuckers?

I'm torn, because I do like what the True Velvet does on 2&4- it gives a nice, bright tone with either humbucker. I like using those for clean chords, as they just seem somehow a little more sparkling than the humbuckers by themselves- though distorted, if I go near the middle, I feel like I have to play blues licks due to the twang. That's not really what this guitar is meant for. And, it sounds a little to thin in comparison to the other positions. I'd really like something that has it's own voice, but fits in better with the others.

Anyway, as I'm looking to get what you'd expect- a kind of prog metal tone (not that I can PLAY that, but whatever!), but with some other options, reading that the HS-3 is used a lot for neoclassical sort of heavy metal made me think it might be a good fit.

Any input would be appreciated, especially on the HS-3 but on any of the models I listed, or another that you'd recommend- though for simplicity I'd like to keep it a DiMarzio.

Oh, one last thing- I'm not exactly clear on the difference between standard single coils like the Red Velvet/True Velvet and hum-canceling models like the HS-3 and Area '67. I know they... cancel hum... but I read a lot about these singles being wired as humbuckers or single? Do people often have a coil tap option with these, or what? What are the pros/cons to using one of these as the middle in an HSH guitar? I plan to email DiMarzio and talk to them about it, but thought I'd post here, too.

Thanks for reading, and any input, guys.
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