This coming week I would really like to start exercising and dieting to lose weight and gain muscle. I am about 5'9"-ish and weigh about 195-200 (fluctuates daily). I'm a bigger build compared to normal guys. I don't exercise ever lol The only exercise I get is being on my feet all day from school/work, playing drums (I mostly play rock/metal), and playing gigs. I occasionally swim i our pool and play hockey or basketball depending on the weather. I just wanted some tips on my journey towards weight loss hell haha I want to get down to about 180 and put on some muscle.

My plan so far is this: Everyday I will wake up and after showering/dressing I will then go downstairs and exercise for about an hour. I will most likely do some treadmill, eliptical, "bastketball jumping exercises," push ups, sit ups, and free weights if I can find them in our house. Do I eat breakfast before or after exercising? After exercising I'll have a protein drink. I am going to start eating a lot of little meals a day too. This is where my problem comes in.....at my house there isn't a lot to eat. My mom doesnt go grocery shopping a lot so I dunno what to eat while on this diet. And I sure as hell ain't spending money on groceries lol

I was thinking I could eat cereal or toast for breakfast. Lunch have a little salad and a sandwich and then dinner whatever is in the fridge or cooked that day? Or maybe I should just skip dinner and not eat or maybe I could have another protein drink?

Any tips would be great! Thanks!
One word: Run. You're not going to burn much fat if you don't do any cardio.

Edit: I missed the part where you said you were going to do treadmill and elliptical.
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search bodybuilding and you should get a thread dedicated to this near the top of the results.
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