I'm at that point where i need an amp for gigging

here's what i'm looking for:

All Tube
Good high gain for metal (darkest hour, children of bodom, misery signals, conducting from the grave type stuff) but also a good clean channel for jazz (guthrie govan type stuff)
Combo or Head/Cab (either one, but for a cab i would rather have 2x12)
Preferably under $1k, but i could go a little over
new or used doesn't matter

I was looking at the Carvin V3212 (V30's) and the Bugera 6262 so far. Any opinions?

thanks in advance

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
Bugera 6262
Peavey 6505+
Mesa Single Rec Solo 50

I love the Bugera 6262. It has more gain than you'll ever need and the cleans are just as great, if not better IMO. The crunch channel on it isn't bad but it's not one of it's best features... definitely a great choice for the low price it has.

Ideally, I'd go for the Mesa Single Rec... you could find a used one under a grand but new it'd be around 1500 for a halfstack (given you buy a cheap cab). I played one a few weeks ago in the back room at guitar center and I could dial in every tone I needed fairly easily with a little tweaking. It has massive amounts of gain if you want it too. Definitely look into it if you have the cash.


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