Hey all, I've decided since I'll be making a lot more money than usual this coming summer I'm going to get a Gibson Flying V for my birthday next year! i cant waitttttttt

I plan to remove the stock Gibson pickups and put in new ones but I'm still deciding what bridge pickup to put in. I've decided against EMG's because I already have those in my Futura and I've also already decided to put a Duncan '59 in the neck for those amazing cleans and soloing tones it's known for but I'm wondering, should I put an SH-6 Distortion in the bridge, or an SH-8 Invader? It's out of those two

Things to keep in mind, I play mostly metal and hard rock but I am known to go off into clean interludes in most of my songs, and I also enjoy playing jazz and blues but I don't play those very often. Which pickup is better for my needs?
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SH-5 Custom.

SD says it has a hotter PAF tone that sounds great when you downtune, but also can do nice cleans, Ive read the SH-6 can get muddy, and I dont like the Invader.

I like it so much in fact, that Im debating changing out the D-Sonic in my RGT for it.

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SH-5 custom is nothing like a PAF.

*shrugs* SD says it sounds like a beefed up PAF.

Ive heard one in my friend's guitar though and I like it.
LTD MH-250NT (With EMG 81/85)
Ibanez RGT42FXQM
Bugera 6260
Seismic Audio 212
I hate the SH-8 because it lacks tone and isn't very friendly sounding either.

The SH-6 is a good pup but it doesn't clean up well unlike the SH-5 or even the SH-4.
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