My question. Are finger strength and control the same thing? I know they aren't exactly the same thing, but are they directly related? I see it as, When your lifting something, the stronger you are the easier you can control it. The weaker you are the less control, you'll be shaking and wabbling. So is it the same idea with your fingers?

I don't push hard on my strings, so this isn't why I'm asking this. I'm asking this cause I'm wondering if the stronger my fingers are the easier things will be, in terms of movements, chords, speed etc etc.

So are the two the same thing, somewhat related, or directly related. Also does independence come from strength?
there is definitely a difference between control and strength. But more strength certainly does help in control, if applied properly. I push down pretty lightly for the most part and I'd say I have quite a bit of control
There is a certain amount of strength you must have in your fingers/wrist, etc, but I dont think it really relates to control that much. In my opinion, the things that make the biggest difference are overall dexterity and co-ordination, finger independence, and being able to eliminate as much tension as possible from your playing.
Actually control = strength. Play slowly and accurately, speed and strength will fall in place.
there's a correlation, but it's not one to one. i used to rock climb and had really strong hands, but i've sped up and gained control since i've quit rock climbing, due to practice (not due to quitting).