Well, I went to Guitar Center today just to see if I could pick up a nice cab on the cheap, and to try some guitars and maybe try out some new amps. Anyways, I came across the Egnater 212 cabinet, and it was $350. Played a Egnater Renegade, Egnater Tourmaster, and Marshall JVM through it and all I can say is it sounded pretty damn great, especially against the 1960 they had in their with V30s. All I noticed was they didn't have a mid spike like V30s and had a much smoother low end and sounded much better at a higher volume too. This cab is probably going to be temporary though.

Got it home and plugged my JCM 800 in and it sounds pretty great, but the amp is louder than any 100 watt amp I've ever played. But I can turn the master to about 4 actually and it's manageable, but past here, .

Anyways, here is a picture, because with out them, this thread = lame.

Ignore the bad phone picture quality
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i was thinking of getting that same cab for my jtm45. would you recommend it?


I am no cabinet junkie or super knowledgeable, but to my ears it sounds great and is a very good value.
Does that cab not have V30's?
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Does that cab not have V30's?

Only Egnater cab that has V30s in the 412. Almost got that instead, but as you can, didn't.
HNCD !!!!

i'm not a fan of v30's alone

gotta mix'em.

what speakers are in there ?
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HNCD !!!!

i'm not a fan of v30's alone

gotta mix'em.

what speakers are in there ?

They're Celestion Eltie 80s, which are a variation Custom Lead 80.

Thanks everyone!


Egnater ftw

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Nice grab! HNCD!
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Looks very sexy!

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HNCD! so nice, I love the looks. Hope it sounds good to you!
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