Just finished a new song and I would love to get some feedback if you guys would be so inclined. You can find it in my profile, it's called Cool Down. Give some suggestions and comments and of course I will return the favor! Thanks guys!
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Nice, very chill, kinda reminded me of Green days "last ride in" a little bit. I agree with the above posters that the bass sound a little behind in some parts, but thats ok. The solo thing was pertty neat, added a nice touch to the song.

Crit mine?
happy and relaxed, I enjoyed it a lot. I think there were parts that needed just a little something else to keep them interesting and some bits area bit out of time but on the whole very nice.
The first 2 songs on my profile are very laid back as well if you could crit one of em?
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Hey man, really grea job some nice ideas in there! Just a few mix tips you might wana consider (not that I'm any expert!): The snare is too lous and needs a bit of reverb or delay to sit it in the mix a bit better, its far too prominent. I think you also need to mix it up a bit, take it out in a few sections or change pattern. The bass needs a bit of compression, and theres a few glithes in there. The odd really deep bass drum might be cool aswell. I like the panning of synth and that nice guitar part. Also like the sole tasteful, good job all in all!

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Thanks for all the help guys! I rerecorded the bass to get rid of some of the mistakes and timing issues. I tried working with the drums a bit, added some reverb and took them down a bit, but I couldn't do too much considering I recorded them using drumsticks on my mousepad and coaster instead of drums! I put up the new file on my profile if you want to give it another look. It's called "Cool Down" Thanks again guys!
I really enjoyed! A lot of great moods. The only recomendation is to have a little more attention on vibratos, sometimes they sounded a little out of tune. Except that I think is a really good piece.

Thanks for commenting on my thread!
Definetly relaxing. The guitar playing chords on the right channel could be a little louder to match the bass. Your lead tone/solo were well done, cuts right through the bass like it should.
i would classify it much more as straight up jazzy, pretty good, gets repetitive, but the lead tone is good, the synth in the backround at the end sounds a little too cheesy but over pretty good.

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