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sated in black, head tilted back,
frayed ends splayed over shoulder knotted to another.
decisions questioned through glossy eyes
out of the corner.
teeth gripping curiosity
felt better the other day
when every gasp was proven false
by the shrug of two shoulders.

i ask, if so many have died for me
then why can't i die for myself
or perhaps when will death end
it's tiresome trek?

watch that first step

i'm going to offer you a choice

you're at a crossroads, watching the cars
speed by and you think: "I'll step out,
surely one will hit me. I'll create a masterpiece
of street art across the road, shattered windscreen
and pedestrians and they'll thank me for it."
you step out, the car swerves and within moments,
you're standing alone surrounded by the wreckage
of a twenty car pile-up.

you think: "perhaps the key to salvation,
is timing the right moment for that first step."
or maybe you're just one lucky son of a bitch.

---Willy Wonka's Jesus Beard---

Jesus comes like a thief in the night;
stealing souls from children
and candy from overweight grownups
who've never been able to balance
hunger pangs on the knife edge of
society's skinny jeans.

Who should be more upset?
Children who will never experience
heartbreak, shattered dreams and the loss of a loved one?
Or adults who will never
get to experience the salvation of finding
how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?


the Wellesley mist lays thick on you
and we both know its never letting light through
so I cover my my neck with a scarf,
turn around for a sec to pay my last respects
to your suddenly empty shade

"and if I can't count on you
then I'll just have to count on the morning dew
and work my way up from there;
slap myself every morning as a reminder that the truest dreams
build themselves up from the chasms of despair
every time."
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Confusing poll is confusing.

Blue and red are out of order.

Maybe swap the colors of the pieces and just transfer the one vote over when you tally at the end. Though that vote may be intended for the first posted piece and not necessarily the blue piece. It's hard to say for sure.
Quote by #1 synth
good pieces all around fellas.

though i'm actually surprised no one voted for mine in the finals.

If I was voting, it would be for yours.
I'll use my vote to break third tie, if no one else minds. After much deliberation, I've chosen green.
If i say i love you, will you not mind anymore?

and i was always going to vote for green, but i thought it would win and i wanted to at least give mine a fair run. i really didn't pick any of the placings here at all.