Is there an American equivalent to the Burns style guitars made in Londan ?
Or is there a style availiable in the U.S. ? Saw it , and admire how its made
and was wondering if there is something availiable made here in the states that rivals that style or is better . Or a spin off that manufactures it and is available in the States ?

Thats a weird lookin' bridge

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The fretboard is dry because it is more than likely made in China.

I wonder how he came to this conclusion.
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Burns guitars never seemed to catch on in the U.S. I don't know if anyone in the U.S. is making Burns-type guitars, or if Burns has licensed their designs. I haven't seen anything like that, but they may be out there.
Burns make some really great guitars, but I don't think there is anyone making burns style guitars in America
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