I hate this habit that I have of using pentatonic to solo over metal. I have done it so many times. I am having problems being creative with other scales and finding other scales that work for me. Any tips?
if you havne't already learned the natural and harmonic scale, i recommend you do so. modes might also be something to look into.

also, if you are using a lot of power chords or pentatonic basslines under your basslines, try and change it up. give the chords underneath your solos different voicings (major, minor, diminished, sevenths, 9ths, etc.). that might help you think of better melodies for your solos as you play.
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Well if you're only playing in minor keys with pentatonic intervals then it's going to sound right. Try to replace it with natural minor, harmonic minor, possibly the dorian mode.
Like the guy above said, make a backing track with some chords that don't get you stuck with using the same old scale.
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Remember when yu first started improvising with the pentatonic? When you felt like you couldn't do anything creative with it and it wouldn't work for you? Because you didn't know it very well, and hadn't imtprovised much with it?

Just practice more with other scales - you more you use them the easier it will get. You could try just picking 3 or 4 notes from the scale and noodling with them until you get some licks you like, or play the scale in different patterns so get some different ideas, or just add the extra notes into your pentatonic stuff, and find out what works. However you do it, it will get easier just like the pentatonic did when you first started using that