I tried, I really did. I tried numerous times to get this wired, and none of it makes sense...but here is what I do know. I read the wiring thread FAQ/Tutorial in and out I get most of the basics down, but the main wiring problems is which switches wires are being soldered to to properly get the results listed below under "what I'm trying to accomplish"

What I'm trying to accomplish is:

pos 3:neck: neck alone
pos 2: neck/bridge:mini-toggle will give you either the front red, both, or the rear red; with the neck pickup
pos 1: bridge: mini-toggle gives you either the front red/both/rear

Any help is extremely appreciated!

Here are some possibly helpful links from Lace?


This is basically a DIY Telecaster Plus from the early 90's, and wiring diagrams for this are not available.
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