i took my check led out of the socket to try and use it for something else, and now i can't seem to put it in any way that'll let it work... i don't know what to do :-( the check led won't turn on anymore when i turn the pedal on, no matter how i position it... do you guys know how i could make it work again ?
does your pedal turn on when you press the switch?
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^good question, let me check

edit: yeah, it does, sorry, it's only the check led that doesn't

basically, i'm doing a keeley mod to my pedal, and my 5mm LEDs didn't work with it, so i thought maybe if i used the 3mm one in the check, it would work
well i don't even know if it does, because i realised the check isn't there anymore, which blows.
if i really can't get it to work, i'll end up using the pedal with no check led, but it would suck balls
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