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We're also on Facebook, but I don't know how to link to that. (Haha.)

Anyways, I'm Peter Noire, I play guitar and sing for the band Lengrand. I wrote all the songs you'll see on either website (as well as the rest of the songs performed in the band.) You can find some of my other stuff in my UG profile, (some of the songs that won't be featured as a Lengrand track.)

Lengrand is a psychedelic rock trio, the music is a nice little acid trip back to the mystic 60's and the blazing 70's. Lots of fuzz guitar, lush wah, sparkly chords, groovy bass lines, thundering percussion, sick sitar and powerful vocals. The live performances are something you wouldn't want to miss out on, it's an experience, the band really reaches out to you and makes you feel apart of the ride more than just a fan standing around in the crowd. Enough wicked riffs to keep the rock n roll fanatics hooked, plenty of indie tracks to keep the kiddies interested in vintage style tunes.

We've played a lot of shows around the St. Louis area and have been since the bass player arrived. Me and the drummer (Joseph B.) have been playing together for about 2 years, the bass player arrived sometime after, although he is leaving to follow his own career. All the tracks you'll hear were home-recorded by myself, most of the music was recorded live.

I would like to promote my band more, I work almost 24/7 at a music store repairing stringed instruments. When I get home, I go out and see how I can further promote Lengrand and book more gigs. I do have a strong passion for my music. It's not my main career but I would love to tour and make it so.

Anyways, please give it a listen and tell me what you think. If you like it, please let me know, keep up with us, come see us if you can! I'm sure as a guitar player's forum you know how hard it is to get your local sound out there. This is a good start!

Merci & Thank you!