The paradox is that it brings pain/it's like bread with butter and brains/so now plate up the muck with a-plenty syrup/just so I can get a taste.

Gourmet anatomy.

A glorious paint-by-numbers centrepiece/we will consume and then release/want to speak to God? bow before his Son?/then of his dead flesh you must eat.

Keep me before I leave.

C4C. I intend to work this into a fully-fledged song, so I'll put extra effort into returning crits to those who give advice on adding instruments to it. Cheers.
Hello and sorry for not replying before now, but it said ripoff in the title..
From the way you critiqued my lyrics i dont know how much advice i can give you, because i feel that if i was to accept someone correcting my lyrics with their own, i would not have any artistic integrity.. hehe..
But still, i'll give you my crit on it still.
I flows good, which you obviously put some work into. I feel that you can change "a-plenty" with something more bloody/dark and still keep the flow.
Is it about cannibalism? -thats all i read. What is the metaphor on?

Keep workin on it though!