Other two songs I have posted were fairly old, this one is more recent. For lack of better way of categorizing it, it is metal. Ignore the "Vocal Melody" track, I forgot to delete it, it was only there originally because I felt some parts went on too long and needed something to help that.

I'm drifting off to sleep as I type this but I will C4C when I can.

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I wonder how he came to this conclusion.
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Opening riff is a little bland. The one at 25 is a lot better.
I'm assuming 41 is the chorus. It's alright, but it repeats too long with no variation. The breakdown was alright. Again it's a little bland. The solo was the best part of the song for me. I liked the tapping section a lot. The arpeggios after the solo were also really cool. Personally, I would have ended it at 179. It would have been a good ending. But the one you have works fine too, bringing back that opening theme.
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