Their first two albums are on the same level as any of the great 60s/70s bands. Their best line up was solid including Sneaky Pete(Hendrix of Pedal Steel), Chris Hillman(ex-Byrd), and Chris Ethridge. Does anyone else here listen to them?

Here is a video I uploaded of their performance at Altamont.

And here they are on a boat. Awesome bass playing by Hillman.
then obviously you dont know much about music if you never heard of the byrds or gram parsons and how influential they were to modern american music.
As much as I can't ****ing stand country-rock or anything Parsons ever did musically I really appreciate his influence on the Stones. Speaking of Hillman though he sits in with a bluegrass band about half a mile from my house that includes Herb Peterson every so often. It's great watching Herb and Chris along with the rest of the band playing for an audience of no more than 20. Just went last night Chris wasn't there but Herb was great as usual.
I've got a copy of the Sin City compilation, I picked it up after hearing Steve Earle's cover of "My Uncle". There's some good stuff on there, but I haven't given it too many listens because it gets really country. Lots of talent though.

Incidentally, I saw Chris Hillman this morning. My Old Man picked up a Manassas DVD and we watched it while we were doin' coffee. Killer performance, laughable 70's camera trickery. Still, it was a great buy for six bucks. That first Manassas album was ****in' amazing, but I digress...
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