So yeah i want a new guitar. A les paul. But i was thinking, what would be the best option? I would like to spend ~700$. It would be best if it was good for all styles of music. Well at least with decent cleans and crunch for rock, however i don't play metal. Also, it should be available in europe.
Maybe a Burny but my preference is for a TC Ellis as he'll advise on the right pickups to get the sounds you want. Expect a custom from him to take about 8 weeks to make or he has a batch of LPs being made now with Maple necks, rosewood fretboards and BKP Abraxas pups.
And a review of an upgraded Standard one.
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Do a search on this topic. There was one just like this recently, but I can't find it. Very similar questions as yours.

Oh, there are a multitude of brands of LP's in that price range. It might be difficult in Europe, but I would go to music stores and try them out. In my case, I have an Epiphone LP Standard and it's good enough for everything from Clapton to Metallica. Good luck.
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You should look into the ELS/LTD EC series. Les Paul styling with a modern playability. I like the ones loaded with Duncans.

You could also look into Tokai/Burny/Greco/Orville/Epiphone Japan/Edwards ESP but I don't recommend shopping online, so unless you can find one in person, don't jump the gun.
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