I've been wondering. I sold my hard shell case and I just have a stand and a gig bag. I keep my guitar inside the gig bag slightly (VERY slightly) resting on the wall in a corner.
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i rest almost all my guitars against the wall when not playing them.

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I have all mine on stands, either a hercules hanger mounted on the wall or a normal one.
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there`s no such thing as slightly resting against a wall, the weight of the guitar is still pushing against the wall.

all mine stay in the hardshell cases, it`s what they were designed for, gravity is such a wicked beast that it tends to pull guitar stands down with even the slightest vibration of the floor.

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I hang my few on a purpose-built rack as they don't all have hard cases.
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i would advise that you always keep guitars in hardshell cases if possible. putting them on a stand makes them susceptible to falling over (sometimes randomly) which is really bad if your guitar has a back-angled headstock without a volute. (which is why tokai/epiphone/any other company that makes a firebird knockoff should supply a hardshell case with it!)
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I'd say I usually have my electric guitar on one wall hanger, my bass on the other wall hanger, and my acoustic on my stand, but that's a lie. Most of the time, I end up with either the electric or the bass on the stand, and the acoustic and electric leaning up against my desk or something.
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there`s no such thing as slightly resting against a wall, the weight of the guitar is still pushing against the wall.
Sorry, but no.
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Gig bag resting against the wall. Guitar resting on gig bag against the wall ... Ive always kept my guitars this way.
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I usually have my guitar fetish of the moment in a stand and the rest in HSC's or gig bags. I haven't had any problems...yet.
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I have my guitars on a 5 guitar stand. The way that you put the guitars on it makes it so that you would have to kick the guitars off of it to knock them over. Best investment ever.
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i put them on stands and then put a forcefeild around them to keep it steady u shuld get a forcefield off ebay and they r great against bullies
I keep two electrics on stands at any given time, so I've got some variety at hand. My acoustic is also leaning against the wall, but resting on its leather strap so it won't move. My other ones are in their hard cases.

I think that my guitars should be on display, no reason why something practical can't be used for aesthetics too.
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i have a hardcase for my acoustic and i have an old ibanez case that fits anything else i have (my RG, Tele, and Strat all fit strangely enough) so i always have 2 in cases and 2 in gig bags. sometimes there's one on a stand, but most of the time it's on the stand IN a gig bag just for extra protection just in case.
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Best way to keep your guitar when you're not playing it, is in the case.

If you don't have a hard-shell, gig bag will do, don't lean it against stuff. If it falls, your bag probably doesn't have enough padding. The bag won't do much for protecting it against the humidity of your home/room.

Just as a general rule, don't lean guitars against anythinggggg. Too many accidents, one has seen.