i have these riffs which i was gonna put forward to the rest of the band.
the other guitarist has heard it and thinks its good but don't fit in to the style we're trying to get.
i'm kinda gutted that it's been pushed a side tbh, so i'm looking for opinions on here.
i'm thinking i could just do it like my others songs without the band.
is this song idea really bad?
A band whose songs all sound the same tends to put out boring stuff. The best bands try to mix it up and use a lot of different styles, and after a few years it starts to blend together into a great and unique sound. Now, this is just my opinion but I think your band is being a bit closed-minded...that is unless you're in a death metal band and you made a R&B song!

Now obviously that's pretty extreme...but as long as it's GENERALLY within the same genre I say go for it (with your band). But, if you feel that your band is holding you back, I think you should do your own side-project.
If we're talking about the song in your profile titles "should i carry on?" I think it dounds like a mix between early thrashers like Megadeth, Metallica and Anthrax. Bands are all about collective decisions so if the ideas aren't accepted I say do what DarkN00b suggested and start a little one-man side project.
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cheers guys, we had a session earlier in the day and he seems to have warmed to idea of expading our sound, which is cool cause i'm the new guy and i felt like i was trying to alter the sound of their band.