So I'm looking at boss pedals an I don't really know what to get. I played a few and the metal zone sounded pretty nice. Is the tone on it good?
What other pedals should I look at?
You shouldn't ask us 'is the tone good'... it's how it sounds to you that matters.

On UG, BOSS is a love/hate brand, a lot of people dislike them. Personally, I think they make some alright stuff, I have a few BOSS pedals, and they're great for modding. The Metal Zone is held in very low esteem around here.

Like azrael asked, what's your current gear/budget/tones you're looking for?
boss and digitech are your sort of mediocre pedals.

better stuff like danelectro, vox, divided by 13 etc. are easily located on ebay etc.

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I created a differeent thread containing all the information needed because my computer would not let me psot on here. It would be appreciated if this thread could be locked and evryone willing to help me with this topic could go to the thread titled: pedal/pedalboard to get