Hi guys!

I've been playing (acoustic) guitar for over a year now and i've thought everything i know to myself. I practice atleast 2 hours a day to learn new songs, master techniques or just play some acoustic songs.

Me and my friend started playing around the same time and once every one or two week(s) we come together and just teach each other what've learned the past week(s).

But know i've found a vocalist who is willing to try to sing with us, thus we were thinking abt just playing covers (stuff like paramore, the killers, ...).

The problem know is that me and my friend know nothing about music theory and as i was reading in this forum. People say they just ask what scale etc and start jamming in that scale.

Is it necessary to know music theory to be able jam?
Any beginner tips for a starting band?
Anything we can easily jam with our singer?

Thanks in advance
Johnny Cash is pretty easy to start with
And yes, to improvise you should know at least some music theory because if you don't it will sound awful.
If you're going to play improvised solos, it's unevitable to learn some scales. If you just want so play some chords, it's not.
1. proper knowledge of theory helps allot, but its not necesarry. My theory is pretty bad (never taken lessons), but im able to jam with loads of people getting off knowing lots of different chords (a must) and songs.
2.practice allot. at least once a week. and start with covers, and move to originals if you can, much more fun in my opinion.
3. depends on the kind of voice he/she has.

also, Id pick up playing electric guitar, I dont think theres any acoustic killers tunes, so youd have to change them and thats a pain in the ass.
good luck!
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It isn't necessary to know music theory to be able to jam, but it does make jamming a hell of a lot easier.

I have no tips when it comes to starting a band. Just read through the bandleading forum so you can learn plenty of 'do not's'. There is a lot of band problem threads in there, and a lot less 'hey UG, my band's doing fine, and this is why' threads.

Songs that the singer knows are the easiest, but that's just common sense.
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What if i wanna start with music theory than.
I've heard to start with the major scales and their roots.
Also something about WWHWWWH to determine the root,
but that doesnt seem to hard.
Does any1 have some useful links to start with music theory?
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Go to www.musictheory.net

It's pretty good if you can get past the stupid interface.
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UG'ers tend to forget the columns. There's articles on everything from stage performance to setting up a PA and the information tends to be a bit more reliable than some of the posts on the forums and since it is all rated you can find the reliable stuff. I'd certainly recommend a browse.