My experience of playing in a band is limited and I imagine that is part of my problem here but a little good advice could go a long way. Firstly, the rig I'm using is pretty much the rig that's in my signature below. For lighter Rock covers like 'Alright Now' or 'Can't Get Enough of Your Love' I use the OD1 channel and then use the MXR Boost pedal for the solos. For heavier songs like 'Paranoid' I use OD2 and again I use the MXR Boost pedal for the solo. I usually have the master volume maxed out to drive the power valves and then control the volume from there using the channel volume. The Bad Monkey is on all the time as I like the way it tightens up the distortion. Treble and bass are slightly boosted to about 8 and the mids are cut to about 3. The problem is that even with the MXR Boost pedal maxed out, the solo just doesn't seem to cut through the mix very well.

I have found that raising the mids helps a bit and for some reason I don't understand, if I drop the master volume down and bring the channel volume up to meet it, it also seems to cut through a bit better but it's still not perfect.

While I'm using a 1X12 valve amp, the other guitarist is using a Marshall Valvestate but he is running through a 4X12 instead so does that mean that regardless of the volume settings, he's simply pushing more air than I can ever compete with? The other thought that I had was that perhaps I'd be better switching to pedal based distortion instead of the amp's own distortion and then I wouldn't have to use the Overdrive so extensively and could utilise it in the solos along with the Boost pedal. The only drawback with that is that I may end up tap dancing on the pedal board so much that I'll fall over!

As I said, I have very limited experience of playing in a band and very limited experience of pedals so any help you can give me on how to set my rig up to best effect would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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