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top one + gold pickup covers = win

This was my original idea, but I was looking to get a finish similar to this..

How about the same colour back? I love trans black and natural, it's gorgeous.

I'm not trusting myself to do this alone, how much do you think a job like this would cost?
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I like the Upper one to be honest.
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Yh, I prefer the top one
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Bottom one, get rid of sticker, put black hardware all over her, ebonize that fretboard and you'll have instant win. But in it's current reincarnation it looks very impressive man.
In order to get that trans black finish your going to have to remove all the finish off the top of original. I don't know if Tokia stains the wood and then just clear coats their guitars or they just use a pigmented clear poly to get the color. If the wood itself is stained you might never get the color out of the wood without taking too much material with it.

^+1 i was going to ask how much the guitar is worth.

refinish jobs (and in this case, hardware) can get pretty expensive.

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Remove the sticker dude.

The guys in GB&C will be happy to help

I suggest GFS hardware if you wanna keep it cheap
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Can't go wrong with black and gold...metal, yet elegant
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Remove the sticker

+1. i think they both look awesome without the sticker
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Please get rid of that sticker. Looks tacky :P
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I'm liking the trans black, though the decal kinda ruins it for me.
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It would cost a fair bit to do, hence not worth it .....
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