I have an Epiphone Allen Woody Limited Edition Bass. I love this bass. It has a great neck and I like the look.

The problem I am having is the mini humberbucker pick up are terrible!!! They are really quite and when I turn the amp up or boost the signal in any way it becomes very distorted.

The mini-humbucking pickups are positioned in the neck and the middle.

I have taken it to 3 different guitar repair shops who just say “it is the pickups you need to change them" but will not give me any more advice than that!

I have tried an EQ booster but that does not help. I have played it through 5 or 6 different bass amps as well.

I play dirty rock n roll and like playing driving bass lines.

Can anyone help and recommend any pickups?


I use a Laney hardcore bass amp at home (just a practise amp 30 Watts). But in the rehearsal studios it an Ampeg SVT-II/CL or Ashdown bass amp with 8x10" Ampeg cabinet.

I will also ask the bass guitar forum as well thanks for your help.