I'm considering purchasing one of these kits. I'm quite the clapton fan, but don't think I'm at the level to dish out 2,000 for his sig strat, and I'd rather make something my own. Anyways I'm looking to put one of these in my MiM strat, I'm wondering if anyone has done it. How much of a difference does it? I've read it can make your tonal variety strat to les paul with the turn of a knob, is this true? Most of what I've seen is that it adds a nice sound to your guitar at 2-5 ish setting, then an amazing tonal difference at 10 for solos.

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would these need a battery? i would assume it did, but i'm not sure. anyway, if so be ready to drill holes in the guitar. because a battery box in the control cavity is as inconvenient as you can get.
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