HI there, I have been "playing" an acoustic guitar for already 3 months now and I came a cross a little problem ( if indeed its a problem) When i pick a song ( with a pick ) I ussualy rest my pinky on the guitar for hand stability/support. The problem is... while it might help me play i really dont like it... after a longer play it kinda goes numb/cold ( well duh after all the pressure its under) i tryed playing without it but its kinda hard and it will take some getting use to... the question is, should i try to delete this habbit or is it perfectly normal ? ( i'll try to move on to an eletric, but in a distant future., will this habbit hurt the playing ? )
if you talking about resting your pinky on the right hand than its a fairly common problem. It won't cause damage but it will inhibit your agility and accuracy
Not necessarilly. There are phenomenal guitarists who ground their picking hand (you're pinky situation) such as Joe Satrianni. I don't particularly care for Satch, but he is just a good example. Some people argue that not grounding develops better technique and if you plan on playing 7 or 8 string guitars, such as myself, you are going to end most of your gounding.