Just like the title says, a Peavey Vypyr 75 watt or a line 6 spyder 75 watt amp? I live out in the goonies, so I can't try one out in a store, because there are no stores within like an hour and a half drive. I'm getting a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 and I play everything from August Burns Red to Children of Bodom to Lamb of God. Your opinions would be greatly aprreciated
vypyr all the way i got one on overdrive sounds like a train and on clean it has a great melllow sound trust me the spyder is shit the vypyr is beast
Thanks, I am already like 95% sold on the Vypyr and I've heard that the opinions on the Spyder are like 50/50 ; they either love it, or hate it. I've also heard that the Spyder has a staticy crackly sound and has terrible clean.
Thanks guys, now I'm 98% sold on the Vypyr. Has anyone out there ever tried the Hellraiser V-1? I've always like flying v's but to me it just doesn't look overly comfortable.
Vypyr is muddy and annoying to play. The Spider is digital and very fake.

I'd personally take a Spider.
^by muddy he means its hard to distinguish the guitar playing. but really, i can't think of anything about the vypyr that is inferior to the spider. it sounds better to 95 percent of people, it has more effects and amp models, footswitch is better, it has USB ASIO sound device ability, etc... also check out the roland cube though, it sounds pretty good for metal

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I have played both my Vypyr 30 and a Roland cube, and the Vypyr wins by MILES

When you buy it get a cheap MIDI to USB cable as well. The 'Muddy and Annoying' may be because of an old firmware. Also The Vypyr is also prone to crashing with the old firmware but a £10 cable will sort it out Well worth it
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I would go with the vypyr. I've had both (still have the vypyr) And love it. The spider is okay but it sounds to digital to me. But the Vypyr sounds a tighter and more natural to me and if your getting the 75 watt one there is a ton of more stuff (imo) you can do on it than a spider. So if I were you, I would get the vypyr.
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You're spending £800 on a guitar, and then buying a cheap amp? If I was you, I would spend some more on the amp.

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You're spending £800 on a guitar, and then buying a cheap amp? If I was you, I would spend some more on the amp.

Well I'm left handed and so guitars are very slim-pickings for me. I could upgrade in amps, but I don't know about anything about the 'high quility' amps. What would you reccomend for a metal player?
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Vypyr 60 (tubed version) or a Line 6 Flextone II gets my vote.


If you can't get either of those... personally I'd take the Spider over the Vypyr if you want the solid state. I was pretty impressed (from what I was expecting) with the Spider IVs and wasn't a big fan of the SS Vypyrs... They were also kinda complicated and hard to figure out at first IMO and the Spider seemed pretty straight forward. Definitely play both of them whenever you go to a guitar store so you can decide for yourself. But if you can go for 311's recommended amps...


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If you do end up picking the Line 6 pm me I am trying to sell my spyder III 75W
Depending on your budget for an amp, you could go for a Peavey Six505 (Sorry, my six key doesn't work. )

If you don't have a budget, look into Mesas, etc.

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