What is your favorite internet meme?

I'll start first, my favorite meme would be staredad, i love 'just add text' things, this one is hilarious.

Okay your turn.
.................. ....
Smells like fish
Search bar.

Interpret that how you will.
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These pictures:

Hull City A.F.C

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This will get closed.

I don´t see why, people make threads about how they eat their breakfast and stuff so why not.
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Your last job only paid you $7.00 AUD an hour? That's like $6.05 in the US. What the hell is the minimum wage over there?

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$0 for volunteer work


courage wolf by far. Shit is so awesome.
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i really like the fffffffuuuuuuuu cartoons
lolcats are funny sometimes, and for some reason the mix of chocolate rain and all your base are belong to us kills me each time
i like the ones like the dog up there ^^

"you cant drive cat you dont even havethumbs let alone long enough feet"
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I love you for that thread...

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I am now mentally scarred by the image of Peter Crouch getting penalised.
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I don´t see why, people make threads about how they eat their breakfast and stuff so why not.
Yeah. UG's a bit weird
Sexually ambiguous rhino, Xzibit "yo dawg", that shoop with yao ming and that weird swimmer guy (although that one was exclusive to UG), hell yeah mother****er, etc.
I think the cake-taker for me is the FFFFFUUUUUU pictures though.

maybe bitches don't know bout...

Gosh this thread reminded me of how many lulz UG has given me. My heart is filled to the brim with warmth and happiness.

UG, give us a hug.
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the one that doesnt involve lobotomizing The Pit with 4chan memes



"Problem Officer?"
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You know you're in the drug thread when you see pictures of squash and "tuna nigga!" when you click the page.