Hey UG i was looking for some opinions on this guitar, i think it would make a cute little Christmas present.


the specs are:

neck type 3pc Wizard II Maple neck
body Quilted Maple top/Mahogany body
fret Jumbo frets
bridge ZR bridge w/ZPS2
neck pu INF1 (H) neck pu
middle pu INFS1 (S) mid pu
bridge pu INF2 (H) bridge pu
hardware color Cosmo Black

Neck Dimension

Scale 648mm/25.5"
a : Width at Nut 43mm
b : Width at Last Fret 56mm (at 21 F)
c: Thickness at 1st 19mm
d : Thickness at 12th 21mm
Radius 400mmR
I've played a few of those, and I like them. I just don't like that color for an Ibanez model. I love the way the input looks though, cut straight into the body.
I has one in Moon-burst


The pickups are a little bit muddy, but that's the only downfall.
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yeah i'm not that fond oh the color. The blue moon burst is sickkk. I wish i was getting that.
I've had one (Blue Moon finish) for a while now and I think it is a great guitar. The neck is easy to play on, the feel is first-rate and it sounds amazing. If you don't like the pickups, then by all means swap them out. But the playability, build quality, feel and looks are all outstanding. The ZR tremolo is a lot easier to live with than the average Floyd Rose or Floyd-ish copy. And if someone tells you that this guitar or its tremolo unit is not capable of playing at warp speed, consider the fact that Uber-Shredder Herman Li used the S-series as the basis for his EGEN Ibanez Signature model (he has the Edge Zero tremolo). This is a fine guitar that lends itself to just about any style of music you can think of. Play one and I think you'll like it. It is a lot of guitar for the money.
i use an ibanez , and have played that model, i would sya they are great guitars for the money. not a great colour tho....
pretty imo, i like the orangish red
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The S470 is a great guitar, I wanted the DXQM but it was sold out so I got impatient and ordered the regular.

The quaility of the S470 is bob on, sounds great too, I assume this is the same for the DXQM.