does anyone know how far into the preamp section the gain channel goes on this head?

My clean channel puts out HUGE volume on the lowest level and i suspect/have been told by many people its a preamp tube..
but before i go pulling each one to find out which one it is i thought id ask to see if any of you knew?
I'm thinking the cleans would be handled by one half of the preamp tube in either V1 or V2 but I could be wrong.

A simple test would be to swap V1 and V2 or V2 and V3 etc.

Something tells me this is not the problem though.
I know absolutely nothing about tubes. what does the V stand for? and im assuming the 1,2,3 are the order they are in? if so, is that left to right(viewing from the back)?

what do you think the problem could be if not the preamp tubes?
^Yeah, left to right. V1 (on a standard Marshall stack like this) will be closest to the insert jack and then you move down 2, 3, 4, etc to power tubes.

Honestly, extra volume doesn't sound like a bad preamp tube but it is a fairly easy swap if you want to try that. Just make sure the pins line up and you don't bend a pin. I really don't know what else it would be.

I have a video that might help you - hold please.


let me know if that works...helps.
^this, i doubt it's a preamp tube aswell.

Probably a resistor burnt out on the signal path of the clean channel gain structure... my best guess
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its not a matter of a little extra volume though. I literally cant turn on the clean channel because im afraid ill blow a speaker. on zero volume theres a humming and as you turn the knob until the first moment of output it goes from zero to 10 . It is as loud as possible at the lowest dialed level
i havent checked anything just yet but im getting ready to. Now, if it IS a preamp tube, the one in question should NOT light up right? if its bad?