i think my pickups on my epiphone g-400 don't fit the style of music i play. i play all types of rock, some metal and some blues. i'm currently using a vox classic rock amplug untill i get a blackstar ht-5 around christmass. i find that my sound is very bassy and not sharp enough. i'm thinking about emg's possibly an 81/60 combo or an 81/85 combo, any help would be greatly appreciated.

There's absolutely no point worrying about pickups if you're using an amplug - there's no way in hell you're able to judge them, you need to pay less attention to what other people say.

Wait till you've got your amp, then assess your tone and post back saying what's lacking and how you want it to change - pickups might be the answer, but they may not. I'd reckon you need to be looking at EQing and pedals before pickups become an issue.
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