Hey all
I know theres no way you can get an incredible guitar for around 200 pounds , but i want to get as much as i can for that price.
I was looking at a few guitars from the Ibanez lower ranges and an EMG.
Does anyone know or own any of these guitars , and could give me their opinion on which is best?
1) Ibanez SA120 - http://www.expressmusicstore.co.uk/products.asp?code=86202

2) Ibanez GRG270B - http://www.imuso.co.uk/Electric-Guitars/13937-/Ibanez-GRG270B-LPM-Gio-Series-Electric-Guitar-Light-Purple-Metallic?utm_source=googleproduct

3) EMG MH-50 - http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/74233

I play alot of Metallica style music , so Ibanez and EMG seem perfect.

Thanks all!
thats not a EMG, EMG makes pickups thats an ESP LTD

EDIT: wow i didnt mean to sound so agressive there
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I mean i could go to 270 pounds maximum i would say
Thanks for all your replies in advance , its just i feel getting opinions directly from people with experience or know alot about the guitar is the best
Regards , Zoof.
That ESP looks nice, for the price anyway. Look at the other Ibanez I suggested in my last post (edited in); its a slighty higher SA Model.

If you are willing to go used, there are also many deals to be had.

There is this Jackson (DKMGT) Which would be a steal if you could get it for your price...

And also the same guitar equipped with a trem for a bit over your price range, but with EMG's I would say its worth it

Both the sellers have 100% feedback and a fair amount of sales which is a good sign

*Not My Listings*

Edit: What amp do you have at the moment? Here is a massive package which is worth looking at. The guitar isn't as high quality as the Other Jacksons I have suggested but it comes with a Roland Cube and case/tuner/lead etc. Its £325, but as you can see in the lising, there is loads of money that has been put into it.

Ok looked it up (possibly the post with most edits ever).
The Guitar is a JS30 Jackson Dinky, which is £227 or something new, which is still what you are looking for, but comes with loads extra.

Again, not my listing.
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Ace man!
Awesome response time and a great help.
I use really nice headphones coming straight out of my effects pedal so not really looking for an amp.
Its between the Ibanez SA-260 and the ESP MH-53
Big upside of the MH-53 is the locking tuners , which means i can use the whammy bar all i want , but then the Ibanez just seems really really nice!

Ahhh , this is hard
Please assist :P
Take care , Zoof.
Ok, I'm not sure about the specific details of each of the guitars. But I would prbably go for the ESP/ LTD. But that be due to the fact that I own an ESP/ LTD myself

The chances are is that they will both be roughly the same quality with the same quality pickups. From here, the best option would be to try them out and read some reviews of them. Then choose what is best for you

Hopefully I have helped

ESP/LTD MH-53 Review

Ibanez SA260 Review

They both get good reviews
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Ibanez GIOs (model starting with G) aren't very good, you should go for a proper RG (or S or SA or whatever) like the one Lr-Mtb linked to. I own an RG321HM which is a similar, slightly older model, and it's awesome.

The ESP LTD 5x's are decent. They're made of lower quality wood (Agathis) but they still play very nicely.

I've played a few Jackson JS series and really didn't like them much. I found they just didn't play that well or feel like well built instruments. The Pro series are good though, and you might be able to get one second hand for your price range.

There's a couple of Schecters for around £250, the Omen and the 006. Haven't played them but I've heard good things.
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Do You have any experiance with Locking trems if not i'd get a fixed
Nobody would own trem guitars then.

Just read up and educate yourself before taking the plunge.
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