hey wich one would you prefer ??
the bugera 333xl or the randall rh 50 t ??
i d get both heads for 500 euros...
which of both is more reliable and has the better qualety ???
and which one fits better for vintage ton (hard rock, classic thrash metal) ???
thx !!

hello from welschingen (germany)

bee my Rock'n'Roll queen!!
I would get the bugera, it should cover those styles pretty well. Also, from what I've heard the reliability problems of the bugeras are solved.
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also try the Bugera 6262 ... mines ace ... mines got a date code of ''0802'' and the reliabilitys of it is great
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also try the Bugera 6262 ... mines ace ... mines got a date code of ''0802'' and the reliabilitys of it is great

+1 more or less

I have a 333 with a Date code of "0801". It's great so far no uber loud hissing or popping between channels and FX loop.

I like the 333 and 333xl's footswitchable fx loop. I use this all the time. It also has the level adjust's on the send and return and those are a very nice useable feature.

The 333 has speaker damping the back and it's really cool to control the movement of your speakers. Late at night like 1am to 4 am i put it on high and it brings the sound waves down.

Hard to explain. it kinda attenuates it, but you also get a tighter bass.
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I've noticed one or two people on UG having problems with the Randall RG50TC (the combo version). But the Bugera 333XL is also known to have reliability issues, although I haven't actually spoke to anyone who was in that situation. I'm simply going by word of mouth - which can be unreliable.

I personally prefer the tones of the Randall - It's darker. However, because it's dark and slightly loose sounding, the Bugera may be more ideal for thrash. I don't know for sure, I haven't actually tried it. With an OD pedal, such as a Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive or Digitech Bad Monkey, you can really tighten up your tone and add compression (gain).
If it is the Randall RM series...hands down the randall...
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