So, I have a closet in my downstairs garage, that actually sounds great even without preparing it acoustically and the like, and I decided to try mic'ing it for recording/playing cranked without anyone being bothered, and I'm worried about if it's ok to keep something like that in a garage type climate. Mind you, theres obviously no water in there or anything, but are garages damp enough to be harmful to my cab? Would covering it at night suffice?
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Well i would definitly reccommend covering at night just to keep dust, etc. out of the hardware.

Unforunately in my experience, garages are quite damp/moist at times. Covering would help this a little, but other than that i'm not sure what you can do to avoid that problem. Very minimum, covering it definitly won't hurt at all.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
My dad protects his tools, machines etc with a portable radiator on a low heat and brush seals around the entrance doors. That may be an involved fix and not possible on a sunday afternoon/evening but if you're doing it more often, look into it.
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i wouldn't do it,even if it was a climate controlled garage. Im almost 100% sure youll get some rust and thus giving your amp "cancer" if you will, eating your amp from the inside out...not sure about the cab tho

edit: im sure there is some metal inside the cab and it would weaking the cab in some way.. if you don't care about the cab that much go for it.. but you probably know all this anny way
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