two questions...

A. where can i find some high end american made electrolytic caps rated at 450V & what brand do you suggest - i'm thinking sprague most likely.

B. I'm beefing up the power supply on my DC30 for added clarity, punch, and headroom
B+1 = 33uf
B+2 = 22uf
B+3 = 22uf
B+4 = 33uf
B+5 = 22uf
B+6 = 33uf All @ 450V

-Do any of you have experience with increasing B+ filtering and have suggestions as to what values would be optimum. i've heard from some that you shouldnt go from a 22 to anything over 100, but i've also heard oposite that. I'm mainly looking for a moderate increase in headroom that i can back off of with my VVR, but mainly the capacitors are low quality and i want to increase the punch and clarity of my filtering.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
Sprague caps really are not as amazing as people try to say they are. They have been listed as not being recommended for new designs for years.

F&T Capacitors are very nice, but I find Xicon to make very nice capacitors as well.

Do you have a tube rectifier? Or a semiconductor rectifier?
i have a tube rectifier (dual 5U4GB) - but i'm about to convert it into a mesa dual rectifier schematic with switchable rectification. the tube side of the dual rec is identical to mine so it shall be very simple.

if you go to mojotones website they mention the spragues as not being suggested for new amp use. they say that it is due to the fact that they are going to be discontinued shortly and that is implied for professional amp builders.

however where can i order the F&T or Xicon? and do you have any suggestion as to a value change?
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
Your tube rectifier can't handle much more filtering. Basically you cannot increase the filtering or you will destroy your rectifier tube. You can change to a SS rectifier and increase the filtering till your heart is content, by then your amp's character will be totally different though.

You don't want to increase any filter caps that are coupled with signal points. All you really want to increase is the HT filtering and maybe the screens. Increasing all points will leave you with a boomy bassy mess. Don't expect any increase in headroom with added filtering. It's a fairly subtle change, more just tight compact low end that really kicks.

No offense Xgamer but Xcion are the cheapest of cheap when it comes to caps. I have had no good experiences with them. I have read a few tube amp books where the reader is warned of using them.

I use Sprague or F&T, both can be found at Antique Electronic Supply.
hmm.. well i was reading my book from gerald weber and increasing the filter caps is listed as part of "beefing up for more headroom" specifically he states going from 33uf to 110uf in a blackface twin i believe? either way the components in my amp are all fairly low end coming from ceriatone so they shall be replaced no matter what.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
i'll believe it. seemed kind of ridiculous to me.
i'm sure it may have been true in that situation involving the blackface, but it did indeed puzzle me when i read that. however if i cant get the exact caps - whats a good substitute?
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
I love Sprague caps in my Randall modules, especially in the tone stack and the input gain cap (I believe that's what the position is... it controls the feel of the low end). And doesn't Mesa/Boogie use Spragues in their amps?
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