• String Height : Strings will be closer to the fingerboard, making it easier to play.
  • Intonation : All the notes will play in tune, you notice this a lot in the higher frets.
  • Pickup Height : Get the most out of your rods.
  • Relief : Take out the spongy feel in your neck.
  • Nut Slot Height : Intonation at the first frets.
  • Fret Polishing : Slicker fret bends, easy smooth feel, not grinding bones.
  • Radius : Matching your saddles with the curve over the fingerboard.
  • High Frets : Because frets aren't hand assembled any more, this is usually a problem.

Also; this must be done to properly change string gauges on a guitar and different tunings. You can also, raise the action for slide guitar. Also, relief is something that needs to be changed a lot, via the Truss road in the neck. The neck has a certain bow to it over seasonal changes. This changes less as the guitar ages and sets in better. Remember when strings are up to tension, it's pulling the neck forward.

I hope this helps a little, feel free to ask me anymore questions in PM or on here, I do setups and repair for a living.
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